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Tech wizard and innovation enthusiast, Host at Professionals Unplugged, Product Owner at NerdyBio and Full Stack Developer at StatusNeo. With 100+ thought-provoking blogs published on cutting-edge technologies, my expertise in System and Database Designing is second to none. I bring proficiency in Python with a strong grip on frameworks such as Flask and Django, and databases including MongoDB, RDS, and Redshift. And, let's not forget my work with Java and SpringBoot, which led to the development of a low code no code platform for IIoT applications. Award-winning professional 🏆 Recognized with the Student of the Semester Award, Best Blogger Award, and Immense Contribution Award from various organizations and universities, I am constantly pushing the limits and delivering exceptional results. Join me in my journey to revolutionize the tech world! 🚀

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Software & Data Engineer.

With a seasoned background of over 4+ years as a skilled Software/Web Developer and a year of expertise in Data Engineering, I bring a unique blend of technical acumen and industry knowledge to the table

  • Role: Software Engineer and Consultant
  • Degree: Bachelors in Engineering
  • College: GLA University
  • Certification: Software Engineering
  • Birthday: 2 October
  • Website: https://utkarshshukla.com
  • Email: utkarshshukla.author@gmail.com
  • City: Kanpur, India

Born in Kanpur, India with a passion for tech and ancient things. Skilled in Python, Java, React, and R. Experienced with MongoDB, RDS, RedShift, PSQL, and MYSQL. Hobbies include exploring new technologies and visiting historic places.


Fueling my passion for history and culture, I've curated an exceptional collection of over 200 coins from across the world and a whopping 1000 coins from India alone! My collection is a time capsule that dates back to 1857 and is a true testament to my lifelong love affair with numismatics.

Coins and Currencies Indian and Foreign Countries

Foreign Coins Coins from different countries excluding India

Oldest Coin - 1857 One Rupee from 1857

Latest Coin - 2022


Unleash the Power of Technology with my Masterful Python, MongoDB, and Flask Skills! Fueled by my Secondary Skills in SQL, AWS, and SpringBoot, I'm the Total Package for Your Next Project.

Python 95%
MongoDB 90%
AWS 87%
SQL 85%
AWS 75%
SpringBoot 75%


Step into the world of innovation and creativity, as I showcase my personal projects, leaving behind the confidentiality curtains of my work with companies like Statusneo and 83incs.


Get a glimpse into the captivating careers of fascinating professionals and icons from diverse fields with NerdyBio!

IPL Analytics

Unleashing the Power of Data Analytics with a Flask-Powered Dashboard - MongoDB and Python unite to bring stunning visualizations to life with AmCharts!

Arduino Based Home Automation

Transform your home into a smart haven with my innovative Arduino-based automation system! Control fans, light bulbs, and more with ease through a sleek web app, powered by Node-RED to send signals and make your life easier.

World Of IPL

Unleash the Cricket Frenzy with my IPL Stats Web App - Discover Hidden Facts and Immerse Yourself in the World of Indian Premier League!

Virtual Assistant

Bringing your command center to life with a Python-powered virtual assistant that can answer your queries in a voice, thanks to its integration with external knowledge sources like Wikipedia and Wolfram Alpha.

Automatic Irrigation System

Transform your gardening game with my Arduino-powered, intelligent irrigation system! Say goodbye to manual watering and hello to perfectly hydrated plants, all controlled with just a soil moisture sensor.


Embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth with me through my thought-provoking blog posts. Check them out now!

Metaverse- Is this the next big thing?

What is a Metaverse? Metaverse is a word created using two words that are - META(Greek prefix word) meaning BeyondVerse meaning UniverseThe word metaverse means beyond the universe.Metaverse is going to be a combination of virtual and augmented reality.


When a serverless function is running, it stays in an active state only as long as it is in the running state.Containers also remain in an active state only during this duration of time. After some time these containers become inactive if no activity is there. Functions will go in an inactive state if no execution is there.

Five Points to learn from the movie -The Social Network

The Social Network is a 2010 Hollywood biographical movie based on the book “The Accidental Billionaire”. It is the real-life story of Mark Zuckerberg on how he found the company “Facebook” and what are the different challenges that he has faced. Let’s take out five points from the movie and see how it can help all of us regardless of what walk of life we are having.

REST APIs, This is really awesome!

Let's begin with REST, REST means Representational State Transfer. It is basically an architectural style for the Distributed System. There are certain rules, or we can call them principals that need to be followed for developing the REST or RESTfull APIs.

ElasticSearch – Using Python

ElasticSearch is a search engine platform that is used to store data and perform various analyses.It is based on the Apache Lucene Library.It stores the data in the document form, which is a non-relational form, basically a complex data structure.


Node-RED is a very powerful and easy-to-use web-based open-source editor that is used to make connections and communications between different systems possible.Any devices such as IO, IoT, or IIoT can be connected easily through Node-RED.


Apache OpenWhisk is an open-source, distributed serverless platform that executes functions f(x) in response to events at any scale. OpenWhisk manages the infrastructure, servers, and scaling using Docker containers, so you can focus on building amazing and efficient applications.

Want To Know How A Search Engine Functions?

Search Engine is basically software that helps in searching through the web using various algorithms.Whatever is typed and searched is called a search query.The whole WWW(World Wide Web) is searched for a query.Almost all the search engines work in a similar way, with a slight difference in their algorithms for fetching the results.

Docker Introduction

Docker is a platform where we can develop our application as a separate environment. We can run, deploy and manage our application inside a docker. We can create our application irrespective of the infrastructure of our system so that is a big advantage.

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"Picture Perfect: A Journey Through My Lens" - Discover the beauty of nature, the grace of animals, and the essence of humanity captured through my lens. Visit my photography collection now! - Utkarsh Shukla Photography

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Utkarsh Shukla Photography
Utkarsh Shukla Photography
Utkarsh Shukla Photography
Utkarsh Shukla Photography
Utkarsh Shukla Photography
Utkarsh Shukla Photography
Utkarsh Shukla Photography
Utkarsh Shukla Photography
Utkarsh Shukla Photography
Utkarsh Shukla Photography
Utkarsh Shukla Photography
Utkarsh Shukla Photography
Utkarsh Shukla Photography
Utkarsh Shukla Photography


Unleashing the Power of Technology: A Tech-Savvy Engineer with a Passion for Innovation and Software Development Mastery


Utkarsh Shukla

4+ year of experience on Software development, with tech stack including - AWS, GCP, Python, Flask, SQL, NoSQL, Java, SpringBoot. Developed NerdyBio from Scratch

  • Gurugram, Harayana, India
  • utkarshshukla.author@gmail.com


Bachelors of Computer Science and Engineering with Honours

2016 - 2020

GLA University, Mathura, India

Completed Engineering(with Honours) from GLA University with a CGPA of 8.68

Won Student of the Semester Award(V Semester)

President of Java Pie Club

Intermediate & High School

2014 - 2016

Dr Virendra Swarup Memorial Public School, Kanpur

Completed High School with a percentile of 86.8%
Completed Intermediate with a percentile of 91.2%

Professional Experience

Senior Software Engineering Consultant - Statusneo

June 2021 - Present

Gurugram, Harayana, India

  • Product Owner of NerdyBio and developed from scratch
  • Developing Software's using various techs tack like Python(Flask), AWS(Services), Databases(Redis, NoSQL, SQL).
  • Providing solutions to various firms and continuously engaged in architectural discussions.
  • Leading the Blogging team and writing the blogs by exploring the various techs.
  • Won the best content award and most appreciations award.

Software Engineer - 83incs

2019 - 2021

Gurugram, Harayana, India

  • Developed various IOT software's.
  • Used various tech stacks such as SpringBoot, Django, MQTT, and NodeRED.
  • Indulge in a great working environment and got to know how IOT works.
  • Worked with multiple clients and provided them a solution.
  • Learn how to do data analysis and visualisation.


Looking forward to connecting and sharing knowledge with you all! My website is a hub for tech enthusiasts and I'm always open to feedback and new ideas. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, suggestions, or even just to chat about the latest tech trends. I'm here to help, so let's connect and grow together! My social media handlers for some popular sources to connect with are:

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